GS has been producing handcrafted furniture for the last 50 years. Each detail is design-planned and artistically executed. The design for a sofa, for example, is first conceived by a team of designers and can take up to a week before it´s actually started, for it will be made exclusively by artisans . There is no technology that can replace this expertise. Fibre-made furniture is unique, in that it elegantly complements ambiants such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, rooms and porches, this meeting the needs of na ever-demanding market, both domestic and worldwide.

Unique furniture

In 1964, Geraldo Stival opened a small handmade furniture business – GS- in the Santa Felicidade destrict in Curitiba, the capital city of Paraná. Weaved baskets and rattan furniture came to life through the hands of skilled artisians who supplied the local marked needs. Today GS is run and managed by a second generation of partners, who expanded both team and facilities to produce natural fiber furniture made from rattan, wicker, apuí (Ficus dendrocida). It supplies the domestic market and exports products to a sophisticated internacional one.

Joint teamwork endeavoured by designers, combined with the vision of world trends natural fibre into highly durable, well appointed and confortable products. Ongoing research results in innovative products shaped from new materials, original weaving, structures and finish.